Welcome to peepzilla!

This website was created as a developing project to bring knowledge to the masses! The knowledge that will allow everyone who has the desire and motivation, to be free. This site will strive to develop content that presents opportunities to engage with and take advantage of current world changing innovations in technology and how they will be used to empower us all individually and as a society.

Stop helping the rich get richer on your time and effort.

Get paid to interact on social media!

Hive is the social media blockchain that rewards you with crypto-currency for interacting on the network.

Take advantage of the world changing opportunity to own your personal value!

Be part of building the hub for grassroots mass adoption of decentralized society!

This blog on Hive by @indigoocean gives an easy to follow introduction to signing up for an account on Hive.

This video gives you the step by step